Template Page

UI | UX | Visual

At first glance, the Templates page looks good... but after a closer look, we found that this page was not accomplishing much. There were several challenges users faced while on this page. The primary reason for the page was to showcase our templates and highlight the powerful features that can meet the needs of our diverse users. But this page did none of that. It only had a few paragraphs that hint to some of our features. So we knew we had to make some changes, and I was tasked to make the update.


Educate visitors about the powerful features included in every SmugMug template.

Solving the problem

I knew what I needed to do for this page, but I had no idea how to display so much important information and blend it down into one seamless, coherent page. I did a lot of sketching and collaboration, and went through the flow with the team.


  • Add template designs on the page.
  • Visually showcase our features.
  • Highlight a few popular templates.
  • Add resources to support our different users.
  • List down popular features used by each of our users.
  • Ability to view themes on mobile.

Design Iterations


After going through multiple design, testing, and iteration cycles, the Templates Page went into development and is now live. Our customers now have the ability to view all our templates and be educated with our powerful features.

"Design works best when it gets out of the user’s way." - Neil Gajera