Front End | Visual Design

I worked as the Visual Designer and Front End Developer for the marketing side of RelayRides. When I was newly hired, my first task was to improve one of their most visited pages, the "Rent" page. The Rent page had all the information laid out properly, but the look and feel was outdated and needed to be improved. Without swaying too far from the current style, I came up with a page that retained all the important information but with an entirely new look.


Rent Out Page

This was a brand new page that was to be added to the website. We needed a page to encourage and inform users about the potential lucrative opportunity they could have if they leased their car through RelayRides.

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    Custom Range Slider

    This range slider has been customized to display the fixed earning per pay period. This gives the users a good picture of their possible annual earning.

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    Responsibly Responsive

    The pages are coded using Mustache and LESS. We also keep the viewports in mind so we code for mobile.

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    Using the power of Mustache and Javascript, the content are all dynamic. This makes it easy for us on the long run.


Dynamic Banners

"The process is really just Iterate, Iterate, Iterate." - Chris Clark